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Stevia Face Mask

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If you aren't already familiar with "Stevia", allow me to make the introduction:  Meet Stevia. She's incredibly sweet (like 300 times sweeter than sugar), has barely an aftertaste, works well in recipes (bye bye sugar!), doesn't cause tooth decay,  may be beneficial to diabetics (in that she regulates blood sugar levels), has been linked to lower blood pressure, inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and really soothes an upset stomach. Oh, and she comes from the stevia leaf, a variety of the daisy plant!  

She's a keeper, huh? Wait it gets better. Mix her up with some filtered water and a bit of olive oil and experience a truly rejuvenating face mask. Just be prepared: you may look and feel a whole lot younger when you're done.


Sevia Face Mask

1/4 cup warm filtered water 6 tsps whole leaf raw stevia powder (substitute regular stevia powder if raw is unavailable) 2 tsps olive or avocado oil


Pour water into a small measuring cup. Add powder and mix into a paste. If paste seems too think, add a little more water.  Add oil and stir. Apply gently to face, and spread evenly.  This warm, soothing mixture will firm and tighten naturally!   Enjoy for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly, using a warm soft cloth to help remove the mask.

Have leftovers? Store unused mixture in the fridge for up to one week. When you are ready to enjoy another mask, just bring to room temperature and add a little more water.

For lots more details and a little Stevia trivia (say that 10 times fast!), check out my blog: Sweet Stevia!