Master Pilates Instructor, Author, Detoxification Specialist, Health & Mindset Mentor

Check out Gina's newest offering... GLOW Body, a unique fitness boutique offering individualized  Pilates programs, nutrition, customized herbal and food-based cellular detoxification protocols in Ridgewood NJ.  

(GLOW = Gina's Lifestyle Of Wellness!)

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GLOW Body Pilates Studio Offerings

Equipment and Matwork

Pilates Reformer

Cadillac Tower

Ladder Barrel

Stability Chair

Spine Corrector

Arc Barrel

Pedi Pole

Foot Corrector


Mindfulness & Nutritional Coaching - In-Person & Virtual

Nutritional Coaching Programs

Regenerative Detoxification 

Cellular Detoxification and Deep Tissue Regeneration Protocol 

Mucusless Diet Healing System - Mucus Free & Mucus Lean Transition Diet

Transition Diet to Vegan, Plant Based  Based Lifestyle

Health Assessments

Monthly Herbal Protocols 

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Coaching - In Person or Virtual/Phone

Iridology Readings


Reiki & Energy Clearing

GLOW Body Studio Core Fitness Programs

Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Foot Focus

Pelvic Floor Strengthing 

Ballet Barre - Callanetics

Gait, Balance & Strength Programs

The Edge



Cellular Regeneration, Nutrition, Fitness, & Mindset Mentor

Diet and/or Mindset Protocol


Full dietary and/or Mindset Protocol. 120-minute phone session or in-person, plus one 30-minute follow-up call. Protocol includes food and mindset suggestions to help reach your health goals.

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Full Dietary Consultation & Herbal Protocol


Full dietary evaluation, food and herbal protocol suggestions. Transitional Diet. Cellular Detoxification for Morse/Mucusless Diet Protocol. One 75-minute discovery call, plus one 30-minute follow-up call.

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Full Session -In-Person or Phone/Skype Call


55-minute In-Person or Phone/Skype call. This call is designed to be used as follow-up for package 1 & 2.

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Laser Session - In-Person or Phone/Skype Call


30-minute In-Person or Phone/Skype Call Q&A. Quick Follow-Up. This call is designed to be used in-between appointments.

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Author of "Eat Clean, Live Free"

A Woman's Guide To Health, Beauty, and Youthful Energy on Amazon

"Eat Clean, Live Free is a work of inspired brilliance. Gina Santangelo is at once poignant, hilarious, intensely knowledgeable, inscrutably correct and supremely stylish. Eat Clean, Live Free is a treasure trove of everything you need to embody your light.

The energy of this book alone will bring beauty and joy to your life experience. What a blessing for us all, Gina!"

Natalia Rose, Detox The World

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Love The Body Your In, Live The Life You Love

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