"Gina structured a weekly Pilates and Nutritional program that taught me how to make healthy choices, and put myself first for exercise for the first time in my life. I lost a total of 63 lbs. I am just turning 59 this month and I feel 40! Not only have I never felt better, looked better or been more healthy in my life…but Gina has given me the tools to maintain it!"

Karen Beardsley

"Eat Clean, Live Free is a work of inspired brilliance. Gina Santangelo is at once poignant, hilarious, intensely knowledgeable, inscrutably correct and supremely stylish. Eat Clean, Live Free is a treasure trove of everything you need to embody your light. The energy of this book alone will bring beauty and joy to your life experience. What a blessing for us all, Gina!"

Natalia Rose
Detox The World, Rose Certification

"Do you want to live your best life and glow like pure sunshine while doing it? Well, you may have stumbled upon the mecca of A to Z how to do exactly that. Gina is a bona fide GLOW GURU! At least in my extensive quest for ascended masters incarnate. Gina’s ancient/modern wisdom of holistic healing combined with an ocean of compassion and love of life will gracefully (and rapidly) transform your life. Whether you are just beginning your journey to health or consider yourself an advanced health/wellness warrior...Gina will take you to YOUR NEXT LEVEL! Are you willing to say YES?! Yes to SELF LOVE AND TRANSFORMATION? My answer is YES! If yours is as well, join the glow party and get ready to drink from the fountain of youth. "

Hana Munay

"Gina is a blessing. She is open, kind, generous, talented —a truly lovely and exceptional woman. I am very grateful to her. She has helped me with strengthening after being bed bound for months because of an accident. Gina is experienced, professional, mindful, thoughtful and caring. She approaches strengthening and healing with the whole body in mind. And there is no one size fits all. Every session is personal and tailored to work to the specific needs of each particular client. I feel stronger, my joints are happier, my posture is better, and as an added bonus, I have also lost weight. I highly recommend Gina!"

Cristina Neuman

"As a mother, wife and working professional, there is nothing more important to me than keeping myself healthy and balanced, and we know this is an "inside" job. Gina's extensive research combined with her easy-to-follow guide to overall wellness makes Eat Clean Live Free a must-read for any person looking to live as their best, healthiest and most vibrant self! "

Kathy Romero
CEO and Head of Global Planning for Preston Bailey Designs

"In 2003, I put myself in Gina's knowledgeable and dedicated hands and lost the "thunder thighs" which had been a part of my body for 50 years. Today, 15 years later, I can still wear a pencil skirt with pride. Gina and the GLOW Program have changed my life-- and body-- for the better!"

Pam Machefsky

"Everything. Life changing. Already dropped a size! No more knee pain. Gina is a miracle worker. "

Dawn Yardis

"I am so happy with my darling friend Gina Santangelo !! She has been guiding me for few years now and my body has been improving so much !! Now even faster with the Cellular Regeneration !! I have been following the protocols given to me and my body has improved tremendously !! no more body aches all over, losing weight and feeling amazing !! Thank you Gina for your help and guidance !! You are the best !!" :-) 🌹💝🌹🌸🌷"

Rosie Gladyz

"Going on Gina's program was the smartest and healthiest decision I could have made for myself! I just cannot believe that I have given up my cookies and sweets. Gina’s guidance, support and her awesome recipes helped me achieve my goal. For the first time in my life I was able to kiss that sugary treats goodbye and I feel wonderful, lighter and healthier! And I even lost 5.5 lb in 10 days! I’m already getting geared up for her next seasonal detox program. I encourage you to do something good for yourself and join her program today!"

Danit Swartz

"When I signed up for Gina's program, I got way more than I anticipated. I had no idea that was going to be there every step of the way, providing me with all the tools, information and inspiration that I would need to complete the program. The handouts, booklets, that are included are incredibly informative. The recipes were simple and delicious! I also loved how supportive the group was of each other. It truly helped knowing that I wasn’t alone in this, and that we were all experiencing the same emotions, symptoms and cravings. Gina guided us towards making healthier choices. I am going to keep this feeling going for sure. Thank you again, Gina! I love you back!!"

Maria Cassano Vitetta

"I remember the first conversation I had with Gina many years ago. I called her studio to get information on the pilates workshops her studio was hosting. We had a two hour conversation that night. We talked about pilates, health and nutrition, and managing busy schedules. When I hung up the phone I knew I’ve encountered someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She wanted to help me! That night she became my friend and mentor. Being a part of her program has motivated me to make changes in my diet. Gina provided an abundant amount of information on “clean eating and mindset.” She had a genuine interest in each person’s progress. I found myself eating at home more and making nutritious meals for my family. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, have lost weight, and gained more energy. I am so impressed by Gina’s hard work, dedication to the program and her love for her clients."

Leigh Capasso

"I have been a client of Gina's for many years. When Gina first saw me, she looked at me from top to bottom and was able to diagnose all my aches and pains including my problem areas. I call her my plastic surgeon without the scalpel and surgery! I learned so much during the Revive Seasonal Detox. Her step-by-step guidance and support helped me achieve key goals such as: making healthy choices, understanding the foods that trigger unnecessary cravings, and I am a more educated consumer who now reads and understands the grocery labels. Thank you Gina for being the most understanding person who possesses great knowledge, professionalism, and compassion. I am so grateful that I got an opportunity to work with you. You are the best! "

Elena Reitman

"Prior to “Ditch the sugar cleanse”, I thought of sugar differently. Gina educated me, and helped open my eyes to how poorly I was eating, along with helping me to make better choices. I was able to go the distance because of her endless support, knowledge and dedication. I no longer have high and low points during the day, I no longer have cravings and I’m not raiding the pantry at night! I’m eating for nutrition now, not just to put something in my mouth because I need a sugar rush. Gina, thank you for sharing your gift and for changing my life."

Gloria Bourdion

""I didn't think I could do it, but with Gina's support I was able to remove the nasty sugar from my life and lose a few pounds. It's not always the cake or cookies, but the hidden sugars in everyday food that Gina put on the map for us all to avoid and she gave us palpable substitutes and fun recipes! Even better than losing weight, is the improved sleep quality that was achieved under this plan. That in itself was worth everything to me. Thank you Gina for all your great work and for making this fun as well."

Barbara Jacobowitz

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