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Spring's Ahead... Spring Forward!

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Sunday, March 9, 2:00am = more light, longer days, sunshine. You in?????

A gentle reminder: Before slipping between those silky sheets on Saturday night, set your clocks ahead an hour. I, for one, am so ready for longer, lighter days. Bring on the season, bring on the light!

For some, however, Daylight Saving Time is an awkward transition. And over the next couple of weeks, you can spot these people in the crowd. They're the ones looking dazed and confused, rubbing their eyes, drinking from one coffee cup while waiting in line for the next. What's the deal with sleep cycles and why does one little hour shift an important balance for some? 

Dr. Michael J. Breus (clinical psychologist and author) explains it this way: "Moving our clocks in either direction changes the principal time cue ─ light ─ for setting and resetting our 24-hour natural cycle, or circadian rhythm. In doing so, our internal clock becomes out of sync or mismatched with our current day-night cycle."

Suddenly, your body doesn't feel ready for bed at bedtime and bright early mornings are black as... well, night. So what can you do?

 Bring on the Light! Bring on the Movement! And, Most Definitely, Bring on the Nutrition!

  • Get Outside: Fresh air and natural light (Vitamin D!) help our bodies to feel great, move more, and  adjust to the time change more quickly. No more excuses for pj's at 5:00 pm (lol)... raise the shades, open the door and bask in the sunlight (don't forget your sunscreen); the day is young!
  • Move, Move, Move: Get those workouts in (and check out our Flow Pilate schedule for some killer options!). You will feel great, look great, and be ready for bed... even if it's "an hour earlier."
  • Eat Right: Be mindful about that mouthful... and the next and the next. We are especially vulnerable to unhealthy food choices when we feel sleep deprived, off-kilter, or rushed. It's important, as our minds and bodies adjust to the time shift that we have healthy snacks and meals on hand. Eat seasonal, whole foods. Talk to me (Eating Clean By Gina), I'm here to help!
  • Honor Aesthetic Nutrition: Do what you love; feeling inspired and fulfilled is a key element for balance, happiness, and graceful transitions.

Above all, remember that our adjustments to Daylight Saving Time really don't last all that long; our bodies have a way of getting what they want and need. Don't fall victim to some predetermined notion of what you think you need when really, our bodies naturally take over. If you are not getting those 8 golden hours of sleep... it may be because your body doesn't need 8 hours! Who came up with that number anyway? Random!

Trust  your body (it is amazing) and treat it well (exercise, nutrition, aesthetic fulfillment)... and it will always be your time.

Happy, Healthy Spring everyone!