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Movement Through Pilates... A Universal Language

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Women. No two are the same. We're the inspiration for poetry − and the subject of many coaching books for men. My fitness passion and extensive work with Pilates at Flow Pilates Centre − along with a host of inspirational and effective workout genres −  gives me the opportunity to teach, work with, and know many women in all their diversity. And always, our common denominator is exercise. Movement creates shifts... something we all feel, something from which there's no turning back.  

The benefits are just too great.  I honor Pilates... and again and again I see how movement provides:

  • Strong, powerful bodies
  • Relaxation & stress reduction (leading to mental acuity, creativity, and the ability to solve problems)
  • Mood elevation (Love serotonin!)  
  • Youth (Want to keep up with your kids? Work out!)
  • Improved immune systems (and major disease prevention)
  • Rocking bodies (Skinny jeans are fabulous!)
  • Joint flexibility
  • A daily challenge (Regardless of what a day brings, you've accomplished something wonderful!)

  At the end of the day, nothing compares to elevation, empowerment, and endorphins... the timeless philosophies of Pilates... the universal language of movement.