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How Do You Stay Upbeat During the Winter?

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You'd think by now we'd take it in stride.  Most of us have experienced many, many seasons.  And yet, winter is always a hot (well, not exactly "hot"...) topic.  Cold front arriving?  The media is all over it.  Snow headed your way? Call in the press.  Granted, this is an exceptionally wintery winter (even in places that usually get a free pass!) but we are no strangers to cold, blustery, snowy days.    

And yet, I find myself checking the latest weather apps, watching large flakes fall, and grimacing in the grips of icy wind.  The flip side, of course...  There is undeniable beauty ─ the way the sun plays off snow crystals, a cardinal posing on a barren branch, children wrapped in scarves and mittens sculpting white magic.

Yet, for many, it is deeply challenging.  A season that messes with sleep patterns, food cravings, energy levels, and overall happiness.  We hear more and more about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); and SAD or not, when night approaches in the late afternoon, many of us throw the towel in (or the sweatpants on)!

I get it.  The sun descends at 4:00 pm and pjs call. Pull down the shades, grab a blanket, and call it a day.  Right? Well... maybe once in a while as a cozy retreat, but chances are if you let winter become that free pass to bond actively with the couch, you won't be the happiest of campers.

Call to action! It's time to seize the season on our terms.  If you are feeling the winter blues, here are some tips for reclaiming your energy and lifting your spirits!

Stay Upbeat During the Winter

Tips & Tricks For Not Only Surviving... But Thriving... This Winter: 

Work out!

Come to Flow Pilates Centre (well you know, we want you here!) and embrace the light, climate control, endorphins, friendships, awesome instructors, and inspirational workouts.  Nothing, nothing feels better than taking care of yourself through safe, challenging movement (while reaping the hard body benefits).

Eat clean!

What you put in... matters. Eating clean has changed my life; I could not be more sincere or passionate.  It affects everything! Contact me and let's start your journey together. Don't let those winter sugar cravings drag you down!

Give back!

Whether it is a day in your child's classroom, helping out in a local soup kitchen, spending time with an elderly neighbor, paying for a stranger's coffee at a drive-thru... genuine acts of kindness provide the most wonderful boosts.

Dress it up!

Say no to those sweatpants and yes to that beautiful sweater and skinny jeans.  Wearing clothes you love will help you approach the day with renewed spirit.

Try something new!

What's that thing you've always wanted to try?  Voice lessons?  Dancing?  Ceramics?  Snowboarding?  Whatever it is, just do it!  Make your own light!

Do a winter clean!

No legal action will be taken if you do your spring cleaning in winter.  In fact, a little home improvement project is ideal this time of year.  De-clutter, make a valance,  rearrange some furniture.  It's fun to change it up!

Get out!

I mean, outside. Even if it's cold and for a short period of time.  Bundle up, take a walk, and enjoy the fresh air.  Winter smells good. :)

Go south!

Sometimes you just need a warm getaway.... seize the day (or week, if your budget allows for it)!

Winter is one cool season (sorry, I just had to)!  Fill it with inspiration and remember that spring is just a season away.

How do you stay sane and happy during the winter months? We want to know!