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Healthy Chocolate Smoothie


Blending is a great way to get nutrients into your diet. Blended recipes can be a great meal replacement with loaded value. Here is why:

  • The fiber in smoothies (especially green smoothies) has a cleansing effect on the colon.
  • Smoothies are more filling than juices and more satisfying for extended, routine enjoyment.
  • When adding fruit, the sugar is absorbed more slowly because there is much more fiber.
  • Blenders are easy to clean. A quick rinse, add a little soap, and rinse again.
  • Smoothies taste great and are very family friendly.
  • You can make healthy soups, sauces, nut milks, nut butters, salsas, salad dressings, and dips.
  • Adding superfoods like hemp protein, chia, maca, camucamu, and spirulina to your smoothies creates dense nutritional value.

I recommend purchasing a blender for your first piece of mixing equipment.  Blenders are a great start ─ so easy and convenient. If you can purchase a juicer next, go for it. Juicers add another dimension, because fresh juices are the fastest shortcut to dense, easily absorbed nutrition and cell regeneration. Vitamix has a heat setting to make soups, which is a great perk. My Vitamix is running pretty much daily. Enjoy the smoothie recipe and all those nutrients!