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Happy Valentine's Day

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Glistening sweat. Rising heat. Pumping heart. Rushing blood. Feel the heat?

Ah, Valentine's Day. It's all about love. That indescribable, wholly inspirational, beautiful force we search for, embrace, and give back again and again. It's magic. And what is hotter, sweeter, and more love-filled than a killer workout? Let's face it ─ health and strength feed love... are love! 

I really don't get why workouts aren't as big as roses and candy here. Seriously, we are trapped in a frigid, snowy winter. If this isn't the winter that keeps on giving, I don't know what is! So what better holiday for movement? Making our own heat? Love is health, strength, and well-being. And if you're still not sold... well... let's make this day the official start of our summer bodies. Feel the love now? That's what I thought.

Get moving with a love inspired workout. And know, too, that there are always joyful ways to increase exercise in the midst of your everyday madness. Give it a try... come on. You deserve this!

It's February 14th. Are you ready to sneak that movement in? It's time to:

• Wake Up & Count: You'll be counting your hundreds, pilates push-ups, toe touches... Dedicating just 5-10 minutes to a fitness focus, first thing in the day, guarantees not only a great accomplishment, but stimulates the right frame of mind for more fitness throughout the day.

• Pick Up The Pace: Whether it's walking around the office, the house, to the mailbox ─ or just the usual errands ─ speed it up. This little pace perk goes a long way. Your metabolism and newfound energy will thank you.

• Raise the Heals: Waiting on line? Making dinner? Slowly lift and lower your heals. Up and down. Up and down. Give me 20! You'll feel it in your calves (which by the way, will look fabulous!).

• Go the Extra Mile: So maybe you've heard this... but the question remains, are you implementing? Chose the stairs, park further away, add an extra loop to that doggie walk. It adds up ─ in a big way.

• Move it! I have a friend who literally dances through every meal preparation. Her music is on, and that's all it takes. She spins, rocks, and laughs at least 3X a day. Can't beat that.  Live, laugh and love in life!

*Valentine's Day is the perfect start date for implementing these movement tips. But don't stop on the 15th! Make movement a part of your day, every day.

A rose by any other name... Movement is the sweetness that keeps on giving. May your February 14th overflow with love! I'm talking romance, family, and friends! And don't dismiss the chocolate entirely! Dark chocolate boasts nutrients, antioxidants, and helps lower blood pressure! Now that's love!