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Happy Halloween!

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Boo! With an open mind and some creativity, there is always a way to honor celebrations with a modern, healthy twist (and wholesome, seasonal choices).

I like to focus more on the adventure of Halloween. This year, we are blessed with one of the most colorful autumns ever. Every car ride feels like new territory as another tree explodes with vibrant color and life. Even the leaf storms─ those moments when the wind shakes the season along, sending fluttering storms of swirling leaves ─ are incredibly beautiful. Lawns are covered in patchwork colors: reds, golds, oranges. If you stop and take it all in, it is breathtaking.

And so is Halloween... Snickers, Mounds, and Kit Kats aside (no disrespect intended!). It is a day of creativity and expression, of giving and gratitude. As our children (and in many cases, us!) finally change into costumes, faces reflect nothing short of magic. All the decisions, planning and anticipation merge into present moment joy. Whether we don a store bought mask or a handmade masterpiece, we embody something special and creative, we pretend, we play!

As you celebrate the magic of color and creativity this Halloween, remember these easy tips for keeping it healthy:

  • Eat first, trick-or-treat second: Make sure you give your family a healthy meal before they trick-or-treat. This will reduce the urge to sneak candy, fill up on junk, and sample anything before you have the chance to inspect.
  • Be a healthy house: Oh, come on... all the cool kids are doing it. ;) Consider making your home one that gives out healthy, organic snacks. Share mini boxes of raisins, whole grain granola bars, all natural apple sauce. They are all delicious and nutritious.
  • Give non-food goodies: Our children have more than enough to munch in their bags. Why not bestow some activity promoting fun?! Try bouncy balls, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, etc.! Go fitness!

May you truly enjoy the sounds of little feet, ringing doorbells, laughter, thank yous, and blowing leaves. And remember, love is health. Let your children see, through the treats you share, how much you care. Share treats that help them to know a lifetime of health and inspiration. Teach them why smart choices about food and exercise matter.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, creative, fun, and healthy Halloween! Please share your Halloween photos with us via our Facebook page so we can celebrate together. <3