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Drench That Workout

Drench That Workout (you can take that literally)

Water is critical for survival. We know that. Yet, many women still are not drinking enough… and this sad reality gets dragged right into the workout arena.

In the simplest of terms, we sweat when we work out. This means we lose water. And water loss during exercise can be deceiving. Even if it is cold outside, we perspire. And therefore… say it with me… we need to replace our water. But our need for increased H2O with movement runs even deeper (you know, like still waters).

Water loss has immediate effects on the body. The most obvious are the initial signs of dehydration – dry mouth, thirst, chills, dizziness, shortness of breath, clammy skin, headache, and elevated heart rate. But you can’t feel all the effects of water deprivation right away. Exercise-induced water loss can ultimately lead to a significant decrease in both strength and athletic performance. Kind of ironic, wouldn’t you say?

Then there’s the whole lymph issue. Your lymphatic system is the largest circulatory system in your body with the salient job of removing waste from every single cell. Cut to the chase here – your immune system would be nowhere without it. But this system has no pump of its own. You are its sole pump – and the only way to pump effectively is to breathe correctly, move correctly (exercise, exercise, exercise), eat well, reduce stress, and HYDRATE.

So please, let this serve as your not-so-gentle reminder to hydrate while working out. Whether you buy bottled water (store it in a cool area away from direct sunlight) or bring your own filtered water in a reusable bottle (yay environment!), drink, drink, drink! You will be ensuring a much safer and more effective workout on every level.

You’ll also be ensuring bright eyes, lovely skin, and healthier hair, but I digress.

Fill up. Drink up. Work out. Repeat.