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"BACK" TO BASICS... We are what we eat (and then some!)

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So... ever have one of those days when you eat all the wrong stuff? Maybe you are traveling and have to go with the flow (fast food and overly processed rest stop grabs); maybe it just rained all day and those leftover brownies were calling out to you. Or quite possibly, you just succumbed to unhealthy comfort food. Don't beat yourself up; we've all been there. But (well, you know that was coming, right?) it's a given that after one of those days, you'll probably feel off... lethargic, bloated, guilty (gulp). Your body is talking to you!

Listen. It is no coincidence that eating poorly affects your health. And ongoing studies confirm that those effects are often more far reaching than we might have imagined. BBC Health News continues to spread the word about eating and back pain. Think about this: often, lower back pain is caused by degenerative discs. And according to the BBC, "80% of the active population suffers from lower back pain at some point in their lives." Bending, twisting, and lifting can actually reduce the flow of nutrients to the disc cells! And no, this doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise -- exercise is critical for strength and circulation (and we all know where a lack of exercise takes us...). What it does mean is that the body needs continual replenishment of all the right stuff. Proper nutrition contributes to stable alkalinity in the body; this, in turn, helps with all those pains associated with herniation, arthritis, and yes, all sorts of back and neck discomfort. Go, Pilates!  

I love this advice from Dr Brian Hammond, chair of the charity BackCare (U.K.): "We are what we eat and the spine is no exception. A balanced diet, adequate fluid intake, and regular exercise are essential for a healthy back and neck." We absolutely become, and live the results of, what we eat. So, today's food for thought? Get "BACK" to basics. Take care of your back with healthy, nutritious foods, invigorating, feel-good workouts (and hey, we would love to see you at Flow Pilates Centre! or in one of my seasonal programs, and lots of H2O. A healthy back is a gift, and this one is yours for the taking.