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Are You Living... or Losing... Your Intentions?

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I don't think there is anyone who can't relate to the good intention gets lost at the wayside phenomenon.  Life is busy.  And it's usually not even a conscious decision to ignore our healthy new plans; time passes, we forget; and ultimately old habits prevail. But why?

Here is an interesting concept. Suppose you had 4 intentions for Monday:

  • Go to your dentist appointment
  • Go to work
  • Take the dog out
  • Do 20 sit-ups before bed

Odds are you will make it to the dentist appointment, show up for work, get Sparky outside (unless you have a large oak tree growing in the den), and... wait, that's it. The sit-ups will probably be forgotten.  

It's simple psychology. We tend to honor our commitments (aka intentions) to others but not to ourselves. Dentist appointment? They are waiting for you (well, that, and you'll probably get charged either way). Work? You are expected there...  The dog? He depends on you. The sit-ups? What sit-ups? Exactly. Tomorrow is another day.

It appears that we are judicious − and responsible − to everyone but ourselves. STOP THE MADNESS! A simple, sure-fire formula: MAKE CREATIVE, ROUTINE COMMITMENTS... that connect to the outside world.

One of my favorite is seeing the changes in clients (my Flow family!) as they experience our classes and programs. Of course, I see the physical benefits (!!), but I also see lighter steps, expanding smiles, growing camaraderie, and always − accomplishment. Once you commit to workout classes (choose the class that is right for you, speak with the instructor, pay!), you can no longer forget the good intention. You've connected to the outside world. Yes! And even if you can't fit classes into your schedule right now, you can probably meet a friend for a brisk walk or jog; when someone is counting on you, you don't forget.

The best thing about the follow-through is that once you get there, so do your reality and perspective. If it's working out, well, hello endorphins! Whether it's walking with a friend or feeling the music as you dance through a Zumba class, your whole perspective shifts. It feels GOOD!  You wonder what you waited for... And really what you have done is formed a social commitment (the kind we don't forget!) that becomes a salient benefit to you.

Working on creative ways to turn intention to action is key. What are your strategies?