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After Thanksgiving... Get Back On Track!

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Happy post-Thanksgiving! I hope your celebrations were truly blessed − family, friends, laughter, and gratitude. And no doubt, breaking bread... or turkey... or perhaps tofurkey... were part of a rich and filling tradition. Yet for women, especially, food-oriented customs are often tinged with anxiety about overeating and weight gain.

We are a health conscious society − Amen! − and many have altered old recipes so that they are lower in calories and simmering with nutrition. But... Great Aunt Lottie was beaming when she placed her homemade mashed potatoes on the table (aka the butter through) and even though you were determined to take just one polite spoon, well...

Let it go!  

Easy solution... Get back on track. Eat healthy food, WORK OUT, and don't dwell on food choices you can't reverse. Thanksgiving is only one day; and it takes about 3500 calories to gain just one pound. It's empowering to realize that most people don't experience unwanted body changes from an indulgent Thanksgiving feast; weight is gained in the days that follow.

There is a mental shift that comes with the winter holidays... and it is fed by too many leftovers (are you eating oatmeal with fresh fruit or corn bread stuffing and pecan pie for breakfast? LOL). We often find ourselves eating differently (and less healthily) for a full week following Thanksgiving as we pull all those delightful containers from the fridge. It's the old "waste not want not" mentality. And ironically, feeling too full inspires many to get horizontal on the couch instead of working out! It can be very helpful to either freeze leftovers (they are less readily available) or parcel them out to Thanksgiving guests (just wave goodbye)! Get back to your normal routine right away.

Okay, so you may have been visiting the Tupperware for a few days now, but this "get back on track" mindset is healthy and inspiring throughout all our winter holidays. We can totally have our cake and eat it too. Small portions (remember to put the fork down when you feel full), lots of healthy workouts at Flow Pilates Centre (which, I might add, not only increase your metabolism, but also increase endorphins and more healthy food cravings!), and only healthy leftovers in the days that follow your celebrations. Simple? Yes! Effective? Double yes! And the best part? You'll flow (Ah, Flow!) through the holidays looking and FEELING your best.