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Embrace an invigorating total body workout, great for toning, strengthening, and improving posture. Suitable for women of all fitness levels and agesCreated by Gina, this program incorporates all the fitness modalities (Pilates, Callanetics and more!) that she has mastered over her career.



YAMUNA®: Body Rolling, Face Ball, Foot Wakers/Savers. Sustainable strength. Suitable for women of all fitness levels and ages. Created by Yamuna Zake. 




Form, alignment, and workout secrets for success. By Gina Santangelo.

"Exercise is essential, and when combined with proper form and targeted muscle engagement, the results become extraordinary." - Gina 

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"Gina caters to diverse clients, including those with injuries and physical limitations. She offers modified and intensified exercises for a safe and effective workouts."

- Allison Petrone

From Gina's private client Andrea:

Gina is a fantastic instructor! She knows so much about anatomy and has really helped me become stronger. I highly recommend her!


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Q1: What is GLOW Body Online Membership?
A: GLOW Body Online Membership is a virtual fitness community offering access to a variety of fitness classes, workshops, and resources to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. It encompasses all that Gina has learned in the fitness industry since 1987, prior to her intense dance studies.
Q2: What classes are included in the membership?
A: The membership includes a range of classes, such as GLOW Evolution, Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Face Ball, and Yamuna Foot Fitness. In the Tips section, you'll find technique videos, breakdown of exercises for better form, modifications, and intensification videos.
Q3: Are the classes suitable for all fitness levels?
A: Yes, our classes are designed to accommodate various fitness levels and injuries, from beginners to advanced practitioners.
Q4: Can I access the classes on-demand?
A: Yes, you can access our library of recorded classes and participate at your convenience.
Q5: Is there any additional cost for workshops and resources?
A: No, workshops and resources are included in the membership at no extra cost.
Q6: How do I cancel my membership?
A: You can cancel your membership at any time through your account settings on our website.
Q7: Do you offer a free trial?
A: Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial period for new members to explore our classes and resources. You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

Q8: How many classes are included in the membership per month?
A: The membership offers two to three classes per month, which may include a video on technique or tips as one of the options.
Q9: What happens if I miss a class within the membership?
A: As a member, you can access replays of the classes for an extended period. 
Q10: Will all classes and workshops within the membership be live or recorded?
A: Within the membership, there will be a mix of live and recorded classes and workshops. You may start with a catalog of classes where Gina is alone in the video, and some sessions will be offered live for real-time interaction. Additionally, certain classes will be prerecorded to provide better breakdowns of exercises and focused attention on form and technique. 

Q11: How can I make the most of my GLOW Body Online Membership?
A: To maximize your membership experience, actively participate in classes, utilize the technique videos and modifications, and engage in the comment section under each video offered. Embrace the resources available and take steps towards a healthier and happier you!
Q12: Can I buy props for Yamuna Body Rolling, Face Ball, and Foot Focus within the membership?
A:Within the membership, members can purchase all the props they need for Yamuna Body Rolling, Face Ball, and Foot Focus. Orders over $60 qualify for free shipping, ensuring a convenient shopping experience. Moreover, introductory and discount opportunities will be offered on all props, making them more budget-friendly for you!
Q13: Will my membership price increase?
A: No, you will be locked into the price you signed up with for the entire duration of your membership, as long as you do not cancel at any time. Rest assured, your price will remain unchanged throughout your membership. However, if you decide to rejoin after canceling, you will be subject to the current fee available at that time.
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Working with Gina has transformed my body. I am stronger and better aligned. Her understanding of physiology is amazing. Highly recommend

-Jeanne M


I am moving and working muscles I never knew I had! Gina's approach is gentle, precise and well thought out. I always leave her classes feeling taller and stronger. I highly recommend her.

-Kathleen H


Gina is a wealth of knowledge and care. Her expertise in anatomy and overall health has been a huge motivator in my life. 

-Jamie F

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