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A Unique Approach to Fitness

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Step through the door and leave the world behind. Here, you’ll be enveloped in the boutique-like atmosphere – illuminated by impeccable quality, and welcoming energy. Every session offered is always individualized for your body and includes precise attention to your level of fitness.

At GLOW Body we honor, the timeless philosophies and proven merits of the workouts offered through Gina Santangelo's personally hand picked programs. Pure and true to their origins, individualized sessions maintain the key concepts of each discipline. 

This unique centre emphasizing health and safety through carefully selected and instructed physical exercise regimens.

Gina Santangelo, Owner and Author of "Eat Clean, Live Free" and "Pilates For Beginners", is a true advocate of healthy lifestyle through empowering, revitalizing, and targeted workouts – knowing that the benefits ultimately spread into all facets of life.

Gina Santangelo, Owner

Gina caters to over 500 women in her GLOW (GIna's Lifestyle Of Wellness) Facebook Community Forum.

Health and fitness have always been her passion…

She was the girl who danced through childhood, with extensive classes in ballet, tap, and jazz ─ from the time she was three until she reached eighteen. As a young adult, Gina studied additional fitness genres, leading to her discovery of Callanetics Exercise® in 1987 – a refreshing change after so much focus on conventional methods. She was immediately impressed by the tremendous benefits and exhilarating workout, and for the next several years she shared this passion with her students in NYC.

In 1996, she developed advanced training skills under the tutelage of a Callanetics® International Master Teacher and soon became a certified instructor of Traditional Callanetics Exercise®, the advanced technique of Three Dimensional Spiraling, and Cardio Callanetics. She continued to branch out and studied Yamuna Body Rolling under world renowned visionary, Yamuna Zake (a life-changing experience!), becoming proficient in Levels I and II.

In 2003, Gina was introduced to the STOTT PILATES® program, soon to become a certified instructor and teacher trainer for the Toronto based company. Within two years, she was certified at Pilates on Fifth, a Katherine & Kimberly Corporation, in CARDIOLATES. Upon completion of the Xtend Barre™ teacher training, the facility became a licensed studio for the program Xtend Barre™ Workout.

Through ongoing classes, Gina has completed yearly STOTT PILATES® education courses, the Functional Anatomy Movement & Injuries Workshop (FAMI) at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and a ten-week Anatomy Through Movement course with Irene Dowd of NYC’s Juilliard School and The National Ballet School of Canada. And just last year she earned her certification with Balance Body Core Align; developed by a physical therapist, she fell in love with its cardio, strength, core control, and mind-body movement.

As a passionate Detoxification Specialist, Fitness and Mindset Coach with accolades from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition & The International School of Regenerative Detoxification,  Gina feels deeply privileged to have learned from internationally acclaimed wellness experts such as Dr. John Douillard, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Robert Morse & Dr. Andrew Weil, She brings extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, personalized health coaching, and preventive health to her clients at GLOW (Gina's Lifestyle Of Wellness) through her propritary programs; Revive Detox, The GLOW Gold Healthy Lifestyle Membership  and The Quick and Clean Diet Makeover.

Author of "Eat Clean, Live Free: A Woman's Guide To Youthful Energy" and "Pliates For Beginners: A Woman's Guide To Strength, Flexibility and Balanced Posture" Gina’s approach is genuine, analytic, and on the mark.  She works with individuals (Join GLOW community forum on Facebook; a free group where Gina caters to over 500+ women daily) to help them understand their patterns and goals and ultimately make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Gina is also a Master Level Reiki practitioner and is currently studying Iridology, an alternative holistic approach for diagnosis by examination of the iris of the eye.


Rates & Policy

All sessions are 60-minutes. Payment is accepted via cash, personal check, and MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Discover. Packages expire one year from date of purchase and are non-refundable. All sessions are subject to a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy.

Single Session



5 Session Package


$83 Per session


10 Session Package


$80 per session


15 Session Package


$78 per session


"Gina structured a weekly Pilates and Nutritional program that taught me how to make healthy choices, and put myself first for exercise for the first time in my life. I lost a total of 63 lbs. I am just turning 59 this month and I feel 40! Not only have I never felt better, looked better or been more healthy in my life…but Gina has given me the tools to maintain it!"

Karen Beardsley

"Eat Clean, Live Free is a work of inspired brilliance. Gina Santangelo is at once poignant, hilarious, intensely knowledgeable, inscrutably correct and supremely stylish. Eat Clean, Live Free is a treasure trove of everything you need to embody your light. The energy of this book alone will bring beauty and joy to your life experience. What a blessing for us all, Gina!"

Natalia Rose
Detox The World, Rose Certification

"Do you want to live your best life and glow like pure sunshine while doing it? Well, you may have stumbled upon the mecca of A to Z how to do exactly that. Gina is a bona fide GLOW GURU! At least in my extensive quest for ascended masters incarnate. Gina’s ancient/modern wisdom of holistic healing combined with an ocean of compassion and love of life will gracefully (and rapidly) transform your life. Whether you are just beginning your journey to health or consider yourself an advanced health/wellness warrior...Gina will take you to YOUR NEXT LEVEL! Are you willing to say YES?! Yes to SELF LOVE AND TRANSFORMATION? My answer is YES! If yours is as well, join the glow party and get ready to drink from the fountain of youth. "

Hana Munay

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