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FACT:   Life is complicated, chaotic, and demanding.

You have work, family, pets, obligations, deadlines, appointments, friends, passions… and the constant pressure to be everything to everyone.

Add to that poor food choices, long breaks without nutrition and a possible processed protein snack bar throughout the day or night, and you win the grand prize – total drainage (of your good mood, clear thinking, strong and healthy body, solid night’s sleep, and anything resembling peace)

There is nothing, NOTHING, better than healthy. A healthy weight, a healthy mindset, a healthy joie-de-vivre…

Failed attempts are usually linked to a poor transition plan over to any upgrade in the diet. 

9 out of 10 times, it usually doesn't end well.  

Good news awaits...

This is important. You are important. But I think you know that.

Hi I’m Gina. 

I’m a Detox Specialist, Health, Fitness and Mindset Strategist. I offer a fresh, down-to-earth approach to help women like you move past limiting beliefs around and into self mastery.

Whether you live in another country, or right next door, we can work together.

My 6-month 1:1 customized program will radically boost your wellness as you explore personal life and body concerns and then discover the tools you need to achieve ongoing balance. In a busy world, it is easy to forget that nourishment isn’t just about food. It is about everything going on in a life (relationships, career, passions, exercise, and spirituality). 

I have kept this program easy.  We need easy today.  Everything else will get in the way otherwise.

Life experiences can be viewed as our primary nourishment, part of a bigger balance, with the actual food we eat being secondary. Through introspection, and adjustment of the foods that feed us, a domino effect is born; everything improves – from moods to energy to relationships. It’s powerful.

As a client of the Eat To GLOW VIP 1:1 Program, you will…

  • Set & accomplish goals.
  • Stay accountable.
  • Learn to put yourself first in a way that feels right.
  • Work to achieve & maintain your ideal weight.
  • Understand & reduce cravings.
  • Create balance through easy, nourishing rituals.
  • Honor your uniqueness: discover your best foods & types of movement your body craves.
  • Improve digestion, increase energy.
  • Gain new food exposure.
  • Explore emotional triggers & causes of underlying health concerns.
  • Feel great in your body.
  • Discover the confidence to create the life you want.
  • No longer need to fall back on old, unhealthy habits.


Your program includes…

  • One-on-one phone sessions with Gina.  Choose two or four 40-minute sessions a month. (Four sessions a month keeps you motivated and accountable for sure!).
  • Health assessment, herbal protocol suggestions.
  • Follow-up herbal protocols.
  • Nutritious, easy, inspirational menu suggestions.
  • Ongoing info, tips, books, food samples.
  • Gina's personal commitment to your health & success.
  • Fitness suggestions that best fit our lifestyle.
  • Pelvic floor strengthening exercise program designed for you and your strength level.
  • Ongoing personal access by text message during the program, for any quick questions.

Eat To Glow Options

This program invites you to love and live with newfound energy, health, and inspiration.

2 calls a month

$150.00 per month

For 6 months

40 minutes per call

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4 calls a month

$300.00 per month

For 6 months

40 minutes per call

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Not sure which program to choose? Book a complimentary 30-minute call to answer your questions

Weather you live around the corner or in another State or Country, Gina can help you with your Health, and Fitness needs. Reach out by email below! Together


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