Spring is in the air

After a l-o-n-g waiting game, spring is here. Rising temps, sunny skies, and the air just feels different. I wake up each morning to even more bird calls than the day before, and I can't help smiling (okay, so maybe I eat breakfast and then smile... but you know what I mean); Spring is renewal, and it's impossible not to jump on that bandwagon.

If you take a minute to just be... you can join the transformation. Birds are everywhere (and often looking for their next apartment under your deck or on your window sill!); flowers push against earth and open into vibrant purples and yellows; squirrels dart about searching for the greens they have been missing all winter, and even the insects are in on the action.  

It's nothing short of amazing to see nature happen. The way she choreographs each step of spring to create a perfected whole. And the crazy part is we generally ignore all the cues she tosses our way − so that like the insects and the animals we can enjoy and benefit...

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