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You can connect via email right now to book either a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation to discuss your health goals or a 30-minute Pilates equipment session in the Ridgewood NJ location. Both sessions literally kick-start your wellness plan.

Together you will discuss your health concerns and goals. As you get to know each other, you can mutually determine which program suits your needs.

Please include in your email some information about what type of consultation you would like, also include a few dates and times that are work best for your schedule. 


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"Gina structured a weekly Pilates and Nutritional program that taught me how to make healthy choices, and put myself first for exercise for the first time in my life. I lost a total of 63 lbs. I am just turning 59 this month and I feel 40! Not only have I never felt better, looked better or been more healthy in my life…but Gina has given me the tools to maintain it!"

Karen Beardsley

"Eat Clean, Live Free is a work of inspired brilliance. Gina Santangelo is at once poignant, hilarious, intensely knowledgeable, inscrutably correct and supremely stylish. Eat Clean, Live Free is a treasure trove of everything you need to embody your light. The energy of this book alone will bring beauty and joy to your life experience. What a blessing for us all, Gina!"

Natalia Rose
Detox The World, Rose Certification

"Do you want to live your best life and glow like pure sunshine while doing it? Well, you may have stumbled upon the mecca of A to Z how to do exactly that. Gina is a bona fide GLOW GURU! At least in my extensive quest for ascended masters incarnate. Gina’s ancient/modern wisdom of holistic healing combined with an ocean of compassion and love of life will gracefully (and rapidly) transform your life. Whether you are just beginning your journey to health or consider yourself an advanced health/wellness warrior...Gina will take you to YOUR NEXT LEVEL! Are you willing to say YES?! Yes to SELF LOVE AND TRANSFORMATION? My answer is YES! If yours is as well, join the glow party and get ready to drink from the fountain of youth. "

Hana Munay

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